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Assorted Cupcake Favorites (12 Count)

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Product Details

1 Dozen of our most popular cupcake flavors combined!

(Flavors & descriptions below)

(3) **Lemon Raspberry Swirl- Lemon Cupcakes w/ raspberry filling swirled & baked into the batter. Topped w/ vanilla buttercream & fresh raspberry!

(3) **Strawberry Cheesecake- Moist Strawberry Cupcakes filled with cheesecake filling, topped with cream cheese frosting, cookie crumble, & fresh sliced strawberry!

(2) **Triple Chocolate- Milk chocolate cupcakes, topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate shavings, and chocolate covered strawberry!

(2) **Birthday Cake- Vanilla Cupcakes topped with yummy vanilla buttercream and sprinkles!

(2) **Cookies & Cream- Vanilla based cupcake batter combined and baked with crushed chocolate cookie crumbles, topped with vanilla buttercream, chocolate cookie, and cookie crumble sprinkles!Material:

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